Mission and Vision

Our Vision for the Wairarapa

Taumata Ririkore – A place free of violence


Our Aims

  • To encourage individuals, families/whanau to maintain relationships that are free of violence and abuse;
  • To promote values of respect and equality within relationships through programmes and services;
  • To deliver a collaborative service that is safe and effective;
  • To encourage families/whānau to provide environments for children that are loving and safe, and enable children to flourish;
  • To ensure that the safety of women and children is paramount in our work.


Our Principals and Values

uru mai koe mā tātau pounamu“enter through the greenstone doorway”

This whakatauākī implores us to seek peaceful resolution which, as an agency, we strive for through:

Repectful relationships – Whakakoha Ragatiratanga
Uplifting Sense of Worth – Manaakitanga
Compasion, Integrity and Positive Regard – Pono, Tika, Aroha


We Demonstrate Our Principals and Values By:

inviting individuals, families/whānau into a safe space ( hurutanga) and treating them in a respectful, supportive and caring manner;

  • building authentic relationships that assist in positive outcomes for individuals, families/whānau;
  • encouraging individuals, families/whānau to take responsibility and be accountable;
  • supporting people to connect with what is important to them and believing in their capacity for positive change (empowerment and liberation);
  • encouraging self-reflection to ensure we work effectively, safely and with accountability;
  • working with love, integrity, honesty and transparency.


No one feels good about being violent or abusive; about being withdrawn or angry.
No one feels good watching their partner or kids live in fear, or acting out the violence they’ve experienced. But the cycle, and the addictions that go with it, can be overwhelming.
At Stopping Violence Services Wairarapa we work with men, woman, young people and children, helping them break the cycle of violence and abuse; helping them towards changed lives. There is no shame, no blame – and no excuses. It’s about rebuilding relationships. It’s about restoring trust and respect.