What we offer:

Men: Building Respectful Relationships

This programme supports men who wish to build safe, trusting and respectful relationships with their partners and other important people in their lives. The programme supports men in taking responsibility for their own actions and helps them identify harmful or taken-for-granted ideas about relationships that often lead them into using violence and abuse. The programme also focuses on positive parenting and fathering skills. [Read More]

Women: Living Free

This programme provides support and practical information for women to be free from the cycle of abuse. Abusive or violent relationships come in a number of forms. These may include verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. This programme is for women


  • who are currently in a relationship with an abusive partner and who need support to make positive changes in their lives.
  • who have been with an abusive partner in the past and wish to heal from those experiences and not repeat them. [Read More]


Youth Services and Programmes:

SVSW aims to provide a safe, friendly and non-blaming environment to help young people understand and explore the impact of violence and/or abuse in their lives as well as programmes for youth who are having difficulties managing their anger without becoming violent and/or abusive themselves.

Programmes are tailored to individual and family/whānau needs to help youth aged 12 to 18 years and their parents/ caregivers build safe and healthy family life. Where possible, programmes will require the input of parents and/or support people. [Read More]

Family & Whānau Support Service

This service is available to individuals, families and whānau affected by family violence. Family & Whānau Support workers will meet with you in your home or at Stopping Violence Services Wairarapa to:


  • assess and monitor safety and create safety plans;
  • provide information, support and guidance;
  • identify and engage support people, agencies and networks;
  • provide guidance with obtaining Protection Orders;
  • coordinate and advocate support services, organisations and networks;
  • work holistically with all the family/whānau. [Read More]


Women: Building Respectful Relationships

This programme helps women address issues of anger, abuse or violence that they may be facing in their lives. For some women this anger may be related to having experienced abuse in their own lives. For others the pressure of everyday life (including financial pressures, pressures of parenting and so forth) may have become too much. The programme provides opportunities for women to explore everyday conflict patterns in their families, relationships and work situations. Participants will learn how to move beyond limiting patterns and improve communication to have a new and empowered position in relationships. [Read More]

Group and Individual Programmes:

Through our programmes and services we encourage and support individuals and families to develop violence-free relationships that are based on respect and equality, and to model this to their children or others in their lives.

We can offer both group and or individual programmes and will discuss which of these would best suit you at an initial assessment.

Programmes and services are free of charge, however we welcome donations/koha to support the work we do.