Family and Whanau Support

Our Family & Whanau Support Service is available to individuals, families and wh nau affected by family violence. This is a free service.

Family & Whänau Support workers will meet with you in your home, or at Stopping Violence Services Wairarapa, to:

  • Assess and monitor safety, and create safety plans;
  • Provide information, support and guidance;
  • Identify and engage support people, agencies and networks;
  • Provide guidance with obtaining Protection Orders;
  • Coordinate and advocate support services, organisations and networks;
  • Work holistically with all the family/whanau.

Individuals and Families that have used this service said:

  • “You helped me remove the violence and abuse from our family home”.
  • “I appreciated the service that was offered to me during my difficult experience”.
  • “Your support helped me to get a Protection Order which now keeps me and my children safe”.
  • “You gave me the confidence and strength to look after myself and my children”.

Stopping Violence Services Wairarapa aims:

  •  to encourage individuals, families/whänau to maintain relationships that are free of violence and abuse;
  • to promote values of respect and equality within relationships through programmes and services;
  • to deliver a collaborative service that is safe and effective;
  • to encourage families/whänau to provide environments for children that are loving and safe, and enable children to flourish;
  • to ensure that the safety of women and children is paramount in our work with individuals and families/wh nau

This is a non-crisis service that is provided 5 days a week from 8.30am to 5.00pm. We are however, flexible in our ability to meet with you outside of those times where it is not possible for you to come during office hours because of other priorities such as work, schooling etc.


If you would like to know more about the agency or wish to make contact with our Family & Whänau Support Worker, please contact us