Programme Information

No one feels good about being violent or abusive; about being withdrawn or angry.
No one feels good watching their partner or kids live in fear, or acting out the violence they’ve experienced. But the cycle, and the addictions that go with it, can be overwhelming.
At Stopping Violence Services Wairarapa we work with men, woman, young people and children, helping them break the cycle of violence and abuse; helping them towards changed lives. There is no shame, no blame – and no excuses. It’s about rebuilding relationships. It’s about restoring trust and respect.

Group and Individual Programmes:

Through our programmes and services we encourage and support individuals and families to develop violence-free relationships that are based on respect and equality, and to model this to their children or others in their lives.

We can offer both group and or individual programmes and will discuss which of these would best suit you at an initial assessment.

Programmes and services are free of charge, however we welcome donations/koha to support the work we do.