Men: Building Respectful Relationships

This programme supports men who wish to build safe, trusting and respectful relationships with their partners and other important people in their lives.

The programme supports men to take responsibility for their own actions, and helps them identify harmful or taken-for-granted ideas about relationships that often lead them into using violence and/or abuse.

The programme also focuses on positive parenting and fathering skills.

Feedback from participants who completed a programme:

Tom “Its all right to be angry, as long as you don’t turn it into violence. Don’t bottle it up. Talk and get help”.

Hemi “I just decided that I want to be a better person”.

John “I learnt to control my anger, stop and think before I acted, how to take safe time out, and I learnt where my behaviour comes from.”

Alan “This is a great course, life changing not only for me but all others in my life.”

Mike “I thought this programme wouldn’t be for me, but it was.


Is this programme for you?

  • Are you finding it hard to talk about stuff – you bottle things up?
  • Are you having conflict with your partner and/or family?
  • Have you suffered from others violence?
  • Do you hurt people you love when drinking or under stress?
  • Do you have trouble controlling your temper – you have a “short fuse”?
  • Do people tell you that you have a problem with your temper?
  • Are your children scared of you?
  • Do you want to become a better father, partner, husband, friend….

John was angry that he was forced to come to a programme and hurt and confused that Liz had left.

John met other men on the programme who had similar stories – men who recognised their need to do something about their behaviour.

He saw how his behaviour had affected Liz and the children, how he had blamed them for his abuse and violence, and how his thinking convinced him it was OK to act in the way he did. He learned how his put-downs, pushing, threatening, and controlling behaviour had left Liz no option but to leave.

He also learned the skills for living in a long-term relationship. For John, life is no longer violent and abusive. For Liz and their children, they no longer live in fear of his behaviour.

We provide both group and individual programmes. If you would like to know more about the agency or inquire about doing a programme, please contact us.