Women: Building Respectful Relationships

Our Women’s Building Respectful Relationships programme helps women address issues of anger, abuse or violence that they may be facing in their lives.

For some women this anger may be related to having experienced abuse in their own lives. For others, the pressure of everyday life (financial, parenting, etc) may have become too much.

Our Women’s Building Respectful Relationships programmes teach a range of skills for how to deal with issues of anger, abuse and violence in respectful ways.

Anger is a signal and one worth listening to. The message might be that:

  • We are being hurt;
  • Our rights are being violated;
  • Our needs are not being met;
  • Simply put – something is not right.

The purpose of this programme is to enable you to move away from ways of managing anger that are not helpful in relationships. These include silent submission, ineffective fighting, blaming and emotional distancing.

The programme provides opportunities for you to explore everyday conflict patterns in your families, relationships and work situations.

As you gain understanding and learn new skills, you will learn how to move beyond these limiting patterns and improve communication to have a new and empowered position in relationships.

We provide both group and individual programmes. If you would like to know more about the agency or inquire about doing a programme, please contact us.